Who we are

About us

NCBA CLUSA Mozambique is a locally established INGO that has continuously worked in central and northern Mozambique since 1995.

We work with the Government of Mozambique, private sector actors and civil society in the design and implementation of rural development programs which increase households’ resilience in the face of shocks and stresses and expand livelihood opportunities through increased market access.

All of our programs are aligned with country development plans and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our history

When we began our work, Mozambique’s infrastructure was devastated after 17 years of civil war. For most farmers, markets simply didn’t exist. Our early projects focused on empowering farmers to access input and off-take markets by organizing themselves into producer organizations such as associations, unions and farmer group enterprises, and by improving the enabling environment so that these groups could flourish.

At the same time, we pioneered new value chains, most notably soya, one of the country’s greatest agricultural success stories, and we partnered with private sector to develop inclusive business approaches – such as inputs retailer networks and outgrower programs – which embed farmers and microentrepreneurs within the market system.