We lobbied for and helped to develop a more enabling environment for
modern cooperatives

Manica, Zambezia, Nampula and Niassa
2003 – 2010

To create the necessary legal framework for profit-driven farmer enterprises
to flourish, we supported civil society to improve the legal environment,
culminating in the passage of the new association law by Mozambique’s
Legislature in 2005. We consolidated this through the USAID funded
Cooperative Development Program (CDP) – establishing the AMPCM
(Mozambican Association for the Promotion of Modern Cooperatives) and
lobbying for the new Coop law in 2010, now one of the most modern coop
laws in the world. We supported 18 cooperatives to legalize themselves
under this new law – the most notable being ALIMI in Niassa, which reached
13,000 members.
Our legacy continues today in the north and center of the country through
local organizations dedicated to agricultural development – such as Miruku
business cooperative, the Technical Assistance Unit for Functional Education,
or UATAF (building communities’ capacity through education and social
mobilization), and OLIPA-ODES (promoting socio-economic development
through associativism).
These organizations were created with our institutional support and to this
day continue to be led by ex-NCBA CLUSA staff and collaborators.