We promote access to off-take and inputs markets through the AgriBusiness Unit

Manica, Sofala, Zambezia and Nampula
2017 to today

The Agribusiness Unit (ABU) is our umbrella entity linking all NCBA CLUSA smallholder and SME beneficiaries with the private sector. Primarily responsible for promoting inclusive business models, the ABU supports rural SMEs to establish themselves as last mile entrepreneurs; collects weekly prince and market information during the sales period and shares this with smallholders via community radio, WhatsApp and SMS; links smallholders and SMEs to inputs and off-take markets; and promotes inclusive finance mechanisms such as outgrower schemes, pre finance and formal credit. 

The ABU also produces an annual survey of financial products for the agricultural sector (shared with our partners and stakeholders) and works with research institutions to conduct studies and research that further our own work and that of others – such as the 2021 Intermediary Study, produced together with the University of Eduardo Mondlane and Boston College Carroll School of Management.