We develop farmers’resilience to climate change through Climate Smart Agriculture

Manica, Zambezia and previously Tete
2012 to today

The Climate Smart Agriculture Program for Smallholder and Emerging Farmers in Mozambique (PROMAC) Project aims to increase food security and farmer incomes for 31,500 smallholders in Manica and Zambezia provinces through the adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices through a Lead Farmer Extension System involving 900 Lead Farmer managed demonstration plots. 

PROMAC has four pillars: conservation agriculture, improved nutrition, functional adult literacy and land tenure, combined with increased famer engagement in off-take and inputs markets (including an inputs discount program known as the Green Discounts). With support from our Agribusiness Unit, Promac stimulates the entire market system in which smallholders operate and since 2012 PROMAC supported farmers have sold 5,000 tons of commodities (to the value of $1,139,426).

In 2020 alone PROMAC supported last mile entrepreneurs to sell 279 tons of inputs in their communities. 3,000 families have received DUATS and more than 5,200 adults have graduated from functional adult literacy classes. PROMAC beneficiaries have seen average yields increase by 116% and net income increase by 240% in compared with using traditional agriculture.