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Tete / Manica / Zambézia
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Tete / Manica / Zambézia

Arca Sofala


Olipihana Project

Tete / Manica / Zambézia

Successfully completed

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Mozambique, 2020-2021

SEEDS+ Project

Certified seed distribution and marketing; weather index insurance; Information Communication Technology.

Manica, 2017-2020

TVET for the Agricultural Sector

Practical TVET and skills-based training; promotion of agricultural goods and services.

Nampula / Zambézia, 2016-2019

Multimedia Extension

Information Communication Technology for extension dissemination; market information systems.

Nampula / Zambézia / Manica, 2015-2019

SEEDS Project

Certified seed distribution and marketing.

Nampula / Zambézia, 2003-2012

Ikuru sarl Global Development Alliance

Value chain development; export promotion; quality control; smallholder aggregation; access to input and off-take markets; fairtrade and Organic production.